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Thursday, February 23, 2006

Speaking of some truth.
Hassan Rowhani former Iranian lead IAEA negotiator and NSC speaker has a speech published that un-covers many interesting points about Iranian Nuclear project. The lecture was given at a meeting of the Supreme Cultural Revolution Council and published in the Fall issue of Raahbord the journal of the Center for Strategic Studies of the Expediency Council; the full text in Persian can be found at: Click here!

In summary he talks about the beginning of the enrichment activities in
detail and notes that in the mid 1980s Iran tried to purchase the
industrial fuel cycle mainly through Russian and Chinese sources but could
not find any one who would sell it to them. Then they decided to go ahead
with piece by piece putting it together on their own. It also self
criticizes IRI approach to trying to cover up the whole process until it
was totally known to IAEA. He confesses that in some cases they have
refused to submit documents to IAEA while the Agency already had them,
hence creating more distrust. At the end he also discusses the severe
situation that exists and talks about the negative impacts of a UN
Security Council referral and economic impacts of any IAEA action on
Iranian internal markets.

All and all many interesting points that have not been publicly discussed
in the past by any Iranian authority. It may not have much information
for outside world, but a good step forward in opening the issue inside the
country where it is a taboo to talk about it. In my opinion the fact that
Nuclear energy is being handled by the National Security Council has
already created more fuel for conspiracy theorists. They can ask why an
energy issue should be handled secretly and not publicly. Of course
unless you are living in Dick Cheney's world that is a valid question.
For a more detailed translation of the text click here!

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